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Remote Support

We can log into your computer and repair many problems while you watch.
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For small business and home based business, we can install a remote access program and then do maintenance from remote, during non-business hours. Servers and workstations need a bi-weekly access as a minimum.

Home Networking / Small Business Networking / Wireless Network Setup / Troubleshooting
Network multiple computers via a router and make use of one high speed external connection. Allow some or all computers access to Internet wired or wireless. Routers have built in firewall protection.

Data Recovery
Expert data recovery available. Clean room recovery an option.

Tune Ups
We can give your PC a tune up for a reasonable price. This includes physically cleaning internally and verifying the system is working in top condition.

Over the past couple of years, new PC prices have dropped dramatically. Other than replacing small hard drives and video cards, it is recommended to replace the computer rather than upgrade when your computer becomes outdated. The newer i5 & i 7 processors and newer DDR2,3 & 4 memory run today's programs much better.

Dead PC...Hard drive failures - we can get you back in business quickly. Data Recovery is available. Clean room recovery an option.

Preventive Maintenance
Computers should be cleaned internally twice a year i.e. dust and foreign material blown out. HD cleanup and Defragmentation should be done on a regular basis.

Receiving errors while running Windows / NT / XP / Vista / Windows 7and 8 ? Diagnostic services are available.