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Hillside Systems Managed Offsite Backup Program


    Managed Offsite Backup - Cloud & Local Speed Vault Version 16.11

    File versions are retained for 28 days.
    Monthly archive version retained for 1 year (or longer if required)
    Local Speed Vault on your spare drive or external drive used for quick restores.
    Utilizes True Delta Technology™
    Bandwidth load is lighter and backup speeds higher
    Data compressed  and deduplication stores data at a fraction of its original size
    Bigger files are split into blocks - meaning that when changes are made, only the specific block is backed up instead of an entire file - super-efficient!
    Restore is used to check if the files are from the original location. If so, only the changed blocks are sent and restored from the backup and restore speeds are boosted to more than 5GB* per minute

    Monthly Costs:

    Service per client per month -  $10.25 and $0.70 per GB Selected, not GB stored or transferred.
    Clients with more than 50GB of selected data, receive reduced rates.
    Home Users – under 10 GB of data - $95 per year.

    Included Services:

    Backup client and setup on your computer, and files selected as per your request.
    Notification of missed backups and/or fix the related issue asap.

    30 Day Trials Available
    Request via Contact Us

    Manually start Backup Service